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The Inn

Take a seat in our brewery with more than 200 seats

Feel yourself put in the Middle Ages: within the restaurant there are the highly polished copper brewing kettles. Sit in the middle of round arches, which are decorated with murals. Dine at benches and tables made of solid oak and immerse yourself in the rustic atmosphere.
Our friendly staff will serve you the drinks as fast as possible.


  • the unique natural cloudy “Kieler” (4.8 vol.% alcohol)
  • home-brewed light beer and seasonal beers
  • DAB Pils
  • wines & sparkling wines
  • Shandy, Coca Cola, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, espresso, latte and cappuccino
  • 1 liter and 2 liter siphon
    (as a deposit bottle – the siphon is refilled by us at the beer refill station upon request)
  • 5 liter party can (+ deposit)
  • 10 liter and 30 liter wooden barrels outside for take away!
    You get the beer in wooden barrels. So this is still cool hours later. We also deliver beer into the house.


  • “Brotzeit” – snack consisting of bread, cold cuts, cheese etc.
  • “Wiener Schnitzel”, brewing pan
  • roasted pork, smoked pork, meatloaf, Thuringian bratwurst
  • brewing master plate “hot” – the house specialty (minimum 2 persons)

Brewery Tour

Please check with our staff or call +49 431 906290 or you can take part in the virtual brewery tour.

You are the host at the table

Order a chilled 4.5 liter, 10 liter, 20 liter or 30 liter wooden barrel and tap your own beer at the table.