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The Beer


For 750 years beer is brewed in Kiel, because at the same time with the first inhabitants the brewery craft moved in our town. One drank his quarter litre in one of the numerous small house breweries. They were the meeting place for young and old: Trading centre for news, marriage market and important branch of industry in the blossoming town. Now the good, old tradition of the house brewing revives again:

With craft art and after the traditional recipes we brew our Kiel beer. Malt, hop, yeast and water are the raw materials of the harsh-spicy, fermented natural beer which flows directly into the glasses. Without stabilisation and pasteurisation. And because the filtration is also omitted, the cloudy beer still contains all flavouring materials, ferments and also vitamins.

And thus originates our beer:

One takes high-quality malt, fine natural hop, good water, yeast and the skill of experienced brewers.
First the malt is broken in a mill to groats and then it is mixed in the broth kettle with water. Malt groats and water are mixed to the mash. Now by careful warming up the starch frees itself from the malt groats in the water, and the starch particles transform a huge number of enzymes into sugar. The brewer knows exactly at which temperatures they do this best. He gives it about 1 hour in addition, then you will see how he checks the sugarisation with a small dished plate. If the mash has passed the check, it comes into to the straining vat, because now the liquid parts should be released from the firm ones, the brewer grains. In the straining vat the ground has many holes by which the wort can flow into the broth kettle.

Slowly and carefully the brewer lets brewing water trickle in the tub over and over again during 90 minutes to wash out the precious essence. The brewer says: “He purifies the essence.”
If the amount of the wort is right, the broth frying pan can be heated and the wort is being cooked. Now the the hop is added exactly balanced as an aromatic donator to the cooking wort. Now the typical aromatic fragrance of hop and wort spreads in the brewery. A foretaste on the coming pleasure.
After about 1½ hours the hop has released its aroma and the wort has reached the original wort of 12%. During the cooking flakes of consisting of excess protein have formed in the wort. To eliminate this and the eroded hop, the wort is pumped into a whirlpool. The broth is ready.
In our brewery this are 1,000 litres. Cooled to about 8 degrees celsius and well ventilated the wort meets in the fermenting vat the fermenting-fond yeast which comes along to consume immediately the maltose of the wort and turn it into alcohol and carbonic acid. The excessive carbonic acid escapes tempestuously and bubbling.
Then after some days it is created, and under constant supervision beer has emerged from the wort.

Still young – but quite unmistakeably

Finally the beer needs only rest to the tyre. Transfered into the cold storage tanks at about 0 degrees a not fermented part of the yeast cells is eliminated in about 20 days. The taste rounds itself and the beer forms an unmistakeable, wholehearted character and creates the guarantee for his excellent digestibility.

Characteristics: (cloudy beer)

Full 12% of original wort, mild 4.8% alcohol by volume, cheerful 5 grammes of carbonic acid per litre, parents: hop and malt – and only from the finest, life purpose: to bring agreeable joy, curriculum vitae: with care and love brewed, stormily fermented, in rest matured and tapped for cheer.

Watch as our beer is brewed

In the cellar you see behind a glass wall the open fermenting vats and the camp tanks.
We also invite you to a guided tour through our brewery including a beer tasting with all our homebrewed beers and an industrially made beer (beers in 0,1 l).
Whether with the family, friends, colleagues or as an optimal start for your next celebration. Tours are for groups of up to 15-20 people and available only on prior arrangement (7,50 € per person). Please sign up for a brewery tour before.