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We guarantee the freshness of our beers for three weeks after the bottling if stored cool.
Why only three weeks? That’s simple: we don’t use preservatives – our beer’s a real natual treat!
5 liter keg of Kieler Brauerei beer
Our delicious Kieler Brauerei beer kegs for the party at home. No dispenser is necessary, the tap is already built and is pulled out only when needed. Order this sweetie via info@kieler-brauerei.de for your party at home!
17,50 €
Kieler Bier in a decorative two liters siphon
A handsome souvenir. Filled with 2 liters of freshly brewed Kieler Brauerei beer.
(deposit not included)
7,00 €
1 liter of Kieler Brauerei beer with clip lock
You can hear the pleasure waiting for you when it’s opened. Just typicaly northern german.
(deposit not included)
3,50 €
0.5 liters of Kieler Bier with clip lock
Also a typical north german pleasure – the beer with a swing top and a wonderful sound when opened. For the small thirst in between – our beer with a freshness seal.
(price including 0,50 € deposit)
2,70 €


For Digestion

0.7 liter “Kieler Sprotte” Aquavit
Where others have to do a half-world trip, this Aquavit developes its full flavour after a trip through the Kiel Fjord.
25,00 €
0.7 liters of Kiel brewers grain
An absolute must additionally to our popular Kieler Brauerei beer. Ask locals for a classic Herrengedeck once, but you know the answer already.
 20,00 €
Kiel brewers drink in 0.7 liter jar
A mild herbal liqueur just made for the north german food. A typical “digesters” for it. Of course you can enjoy this delicious liqueur which is finely tuned to our Kieler Brauerei beer.
 20,00 €
0.7 liter brewer bride
A cream liqueur with incomparable flavor – the taste is not only our female visitors. Here you will likely take two bottles home with you – one to give away and one to enjoy yourself.
20,00 €


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A handsome souvenir. Filled with 1 liter of freshly brewed beer Kieler Brauerei.
(Including 3, – € deposit)