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This is a selection of our menu

Please have also a look here for our lunch menu and the schnitzel of the week and the dessert of the week!

Our kitchen is opened 11.00 am – ca. 11.30 pm

The brewer’s kitchen

Labskaus 12,50
with a fried egg, maties fillet und pickled cucumber
Grilled pork knuckle 14,90
with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
with beer sauce extra + 1,00
Puree of carrots, turnips and potatoes 11,50
with smoked pork chop, cooked sausage and bacon in lard
Beef goulash 14,50
with potatoes and red cabbage

Fried and grilled

Two marinated porc neck steaks 15,90/strong>
with fried potatoes and homemade coleslaw
“Himmel und Erde” (Heaven and Earth) 9,50
Fried blood sausage with mashed potatoes, applesauce and onions
Brewery-Burger 7,50
Bun with liver loaf, sweet mustard and coleslaw
Marinated turkey steak 12,90
with cranberry dip, fries and a small salad
Big salad 12,90
with seasonal salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and red onions with fried beef strips, homemade dressing and baguette

Fish…fresh and regional

Two maties fillets 11,90
Two fillets of young herring, served cold with a homemade sauce of cream,
onions and apples and with fried potatoes
Baked coal fish 12,90
with homemade remoulade and pommes frites
Fried plaice 9,50
with bacon in lard and boiled potatoes

Vegetarian meals

Potato noodles 7,90
with creamed sauerkraut and fried mushrooms
Fried potatoes and spinach with leek and tomatos 8,90

Our Schnitzels

We serve our schnitzels with fried potatoes and homemade coleslaw. Please feel free to order your schnitzel with french fries or mashed potatoes or even not breaded.
Brewer’s schnitzel 13,90
Pork escalope, breaded with malt, crunchy texture, served with homemade beersauce
Schnitzel Holsteiner style 13,50
Two breaded schnitzels with a fried egg
Schnitzel Hunter’s style 13,50
Two breaded schnitzels with champignons in cream
Spicey Schnitzel 13,50
Two breaded schnitzels, served with a spicey-weet sauce of tomato and red pepper
Homemade beer sauce extra 1,00


Warm Applestrudel 3,90
with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
with ice cream + 1,00
Sweet yeast dumpling filled with plum jam 4,90
served with vanilla sauce, melted butter and poppy sugar

Our offers for groups

Platters for 6 persons or more (pre-order only) p. P. 29,90 €
90 minutes Kiel beer/light pils, house wine and Sinalco soft drinks, with (your choice):
Brewery Platter
Liver loaf, smoked porc chop, fried sausage, sauerkraut and fried potatoes
“Gorch Fock” Platter
Baked coal fish fillet with remoulade, maties fillet with homemade sauce, fish burger and fried potatoes
More offers for groups (pre-order only!)
We offer different table buffets for every taste. All buffets are served on big decorative wooden plates. Of course we’ll keep the supplys coming if needed!

I. „Cold Cuts“: Ham, tatar, blood sausage, cheese, smoked porc chop “cold”, bread and butter.
II. From the north: Homemade green cale with smoked porc chop, cooked sausage and porc cheek, served with fried potatoes and roasted potatoes
Find some suggestions for your own table buffet here (german).
Take it easy – take the package!
Book your favourite table buffet as an all-inclusive-menu! You’ll get the buffet of your choice with three hours of Kieler Bier, house wine and soft drinks on top.
Find our all-inclusive-offers here (german).
Please ask our staff!


Looking for small dishes, snacks, desserts or the kid’s menu? Have a look at our main menu!
Download our main menu (german) here and our short menu (german) here.

(prices subject to error and change)